Right solution is success!

To make right choice of profession is the key to a successful future. There are a lot of different options and availabilities nowadays so to make right choice becoming more and more difficult. With this in view we become reliable partners and trustworthy guides when looking for a best solution of this big deal in your life.

We carefully considered every step to help you achieve your goal. We use comprehensive approach to educational segment in Ukraine with full documentary support and forehanded consultations and assistance in all related fields.

Issues such as: collecting documents, translating with the apostille, the entire process of admission to the University, planning your arrival and stay in country, assistance with integration in society, learning foreign languages etc…

The company SOLUTION is pleased to assist you to make the right choice of profession and education base.


Education In Ukraine

Ukraine is a hospitable and tolerant country. The mild climate, responsive people and continuous development attract residents of other countries so much that they stay in Ukraine forever to live and to work.

Wide range of areas in education, available and accessible lectures, employment practice – that is why Ukraine occupies a leading position among foreign applicants.

More than 63 thousand foreign students are studying now in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine… Read more…


Consulting services

Organization of the admission process and constant support during the entire study period

Documentary support

Migration support

Learning foreign languages

Support in any other matters